Scallop Monogram Wall Stencil

Decorating a nursery or child’s bedroom with monogram stencils is such a beautiful and easy way to brighten your walls.  This darling Scallop Monogram wall stencil is simple to apply and is available in a variety of sizes.   The wonderful advantage of stenciling is that you can choose the exact colors for the design. If color matching is very important to you, then a stencil is required.  Liquid acrylics come in hundreds of colors, with a cost per bottle of around $1.50. You are less likely to color match if you are considering purchasing a decal.


Supplies for this project are minimal and include the stencil, a small amount of liquid acrylic paint, painter’s tape and a good quality stencil brush.  The steps are few and simple.

Step 1

Start with a clean, smooth, dry surface.  If your wall has recently been painted, make sure you give the wall at least 2 weeks to cure.  Please know that stencils do not work well on textured walls.

Step 2

Slowly remove the backing from the stencil.  As you removed the backing, make certain that all parts of the stencil stay with the stencil and top layer.  If you see any portion coming off with the backing, replace the backing and press firmly with your finger.  Resume the removal of the backing.  The stencil has a repositionable adhesive on the back.

Step 3

Position the stencil on your wall and smooth with your hand, smoothing with your hand from one end to the other or from the center towards the edges.  Slowly remove the top layer called application tape. This layer of application tape looks like masking tape.  It’s purpose is to keep all the letter centers in place.

Step 4

Apply paint with a stencil brush to the openings, using either a tapping/stippling method or the swirling method.  See our stenciling videos for more details.  After you have applied paint to all of the areas, remove the stencil immediately.  Your project is now complete.  Enjoy!

Note:  The Scallop Monogram wall stencil is a onetime use (single use) stencil but can be ordered as a reusable or in any custom size.  The stencil also comes with easy step by step instructions and practice stencils as well.


If you need a custom size or a reusable stencil, please contact us.  For more monogram stencil ideas, please visit our monogram stencils page.


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