DIY Wedding Aisle Runner Dad Of All The Walks Stencil

Make your walk down the aisle memorable for both you and your dad with our DIY Wedding Aisle Runner Dad Of All The Walks Stencil.  Making your own aisle runner is super easy with a stencil.  The only supplies that are necessary to apply this phrase to your wedding aisle runner is this stencil, a stencil brush, paint and your aisle runner.  Simple and easy to do in 4 easy steps below.


Decide where you would like your phrase to begin on your aisle runner.  Mark the area and center with a light pencil or piece of painter’s tape, which can be easily removed later. There are 3 layers to your stencil: the backing (white), the stencil itself (white), and the top layer that looks like masking tape (off white/manilla).

Step 1

Turn your stencil face down on a table or flat surface and slowly remove the white (or brown) backing. All of the letters centers should remain with your stencil.  If any of the letter centers begin to come off, simply replace the backing and press firmly with your finger, then continue removing the backing. For more on how to apply our stencils, please visit our How To Stencil page.

Step 2

After the backing has been removed, place your stencil onto your runner and smooth gently with your hand.  Slowly remove the top layer which looks like masking tape.  If the letter centers begin to come off with this top layer, replace the masking tape and press firmly with your finger. Continue removing the application tape.

Step 3

Place a small amount of paint on a paper plate or palette, load your stencil brush with just a tiny amount of paint, then offload onto a paper towel.  Offloading helps to evenly distribute paint in the bristles and removes most of the paint from your brush.  Your stencil brush should be almost dry to the touch when you apply paint to the stencil.  For more on how to stencil, please visit our How To Stencil video,

Step 4

Apply paint to your stencil with your stencil brush.  You may apply the paint using the swirling method or by the pouncing (stippling) method.  Either one works well.  Remove the stencil when you have finished applying paint to all of the cutout letters/design in the stencil. Voila!  We include practice stencils with each order and step by step instructions.  Creating a professional looking custom aisle runner is super easy with stencils.  (Also available in reusable option).

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