DIY Geometric Squares Stencil

Geometric shapes are all the rage!  Instead of costly wallpaper, a stencil is just the solution. If you are a DIYer, our Hip To Be Square geometric squares stencil is so simple to use and because of the large size, you can complete a wall very quickly.  The Hip to Be Square stencil can also be used on wall or floors….any surface, as long as the surface is smooth.

Two stencils are included in order to achieve the overlapping visual effect the design.  If you are wanting a bold effect, use a highly contrasting color for the squares, compared to your wall.  In the photo, the wall is a light gold and the paint colors used were a light beige and a medium beige.  Since there is less contrast between the gold wall and beige colors, the overall tone is a bit more soft.  If you want the design to pop, use a deep color on a light wall or a light color on a dark wall.hip to be square varietyHipToBeSquareMedia


Supplies for this stencil project include:

  1. Hip to Be Square stencil
  2. the paint of your choice
  3.  stencil spray adhesive or blue painter’s tape
  4. a carpenter’s level
  5. a good quality foam roller or a 1 inch stencil brush

The instructions are simple and brief.  We recommend starting your design at the top center of your wall.  From there you can work out to the corners.  You may chose to stencil one wall as an accent wall or two or more walls.  Whichever you choose, this stencil design makes your walls come alive!

Step 1:

Secure the stencil to your wall using blue painter’s tape or repositionable adhesive.  Use a level to make certain of horizontal accuracy.

Step 2:

Load your stencil brush or roller with paint.  Offload (remove) most of the paint on a paper towel. Stencil brush or roller should be dry to the touch.

Step 3:

Apply your paint to the stencil. Remove the the stencil, re-position using the registration marks on the stencil and repeat these steps until your wall is complete.  Stand back and enjoy your beautiful new decor!

The Hip to Be Square geometric squares stencil makes stenciling a breeze.  It is made of 10 mil industrial plastic, making it durable to use over and over again.

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