Stenciling Videos

If you are like me, a die hard do-it-yourself-er, stenciling is a must-have in your creative arsenal. And, if you are as frugal as I, you will quickly see how inexpensive it is to create incredible, beautiful designs on your walls.  Our stenciling videos below are perfect for the visual learner. Stenciling videos help you to see how little time and effort stenciling requires.  .

Basic Stenciling Instructions

If you’ve already mastered the basics of stenciling and wish improve your skills or create more realistic looking designs, check out our Advanced Stenciling with Overlays stenciling video below.  There are no additional painting techniques to learn.  More realistic designs are produced by “building” the design using multiple stencils instead of the entire design being on one overlay.  Don’t be confused by the word ‘overlay’.  Overlay is simply another word for the stencil sheet itself. For more information on stenciling using multiple overlays visit our multicolor page.

Advanced Stenciling with Overlays

Use black, dark gray, or dark brown paint to add depth to your designs.  This technique adds shadow which produces depth.  Experiment on a piece of paper or posterboard.  You will soon see how easy it is to master this effect.