Double Layer Decals On Mirrors

Personalized gifts are memorable gifts.  This stunning mirror was made using decals by one of our clients as a gift for her pastor.  If you are looking for a project that is simple and does not require lots of time, then this project is perfect.  It is quite easy to apply decals on mirrors, taking less than 20 minutes. Easy to apply, quick and inexpensive, are qualities that make this project super appealing.

Step 1

Clean mirror with a vinegar and water mixture, alcohol, or your favorite glass cleaner and a lint free cloth.

Step 2

Turn the decal over and place on a table face down. Burnish the entire decal with the applicator (any credit card will do just fine).

Step 3

Slowly remove the paper backing of the letter R decal.  Position letter R, sticky side down, in the center of mirror. Use the applicator to smooth out the decal.  Burnish/rub the entire decal.

Step 4

Slowly remove the top layer of application tape which resembles masking tape.

Repeat this procedure with the decal of the phrase that will be placed on top of the R.  Typically, a lighter color will be used for the first decal (R).  The top phrase should be done in a darker color for easy reading. Placing decals on mirrors is not difficult.  Take your time with each step.  Do not rush yourself.

If you happen to be a visual learner and would like to know more about how to apply decals, please check out our how to video for applying vinyl decals.

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