DIY Stencils and Decals Bible Verse Scriptures

DIY stencils and decals bible verse scriptures are a wonderful way to decorate and provide encouragement for myself and my family!   As I walk through my home and see various scriptures, my spirit is uplifted and I am reminded of great truths.   DIY stencils & decals of Bible verse scriptures are an easy way to personalize your home with bible verses for your walls.   If you wish to stick your bible verses onto your wall without having to use paint, we have easy to apply decals.  Decal application is the easiest and quickest way to decorate.  If you prefer to paint the bible verse or if an exact color is important, then a stencil is the best option.  Stencils and decals work best on walls that are flat and smooth, not textured.

Our scriptures are available as decals or stencils and come in multiple and custom sizes.  Delight Yourself In The Lord  with Accents  is one of our best selling items and comes in multiple sizes. Whichever you choose, stencil or decal, each comes with two practices as well step by step instructions.  Supplies for either option is as follows:

Stencil Supplies

  • liquid acrylic paint
  • stencil brush
  • painter’s tape
  • paper towels

Decal Supplies

  • level
  • painter’s tape
  • pencil

Both stencils and decals require surfaces that should be smooth, not textured.


Do you have an empty wall space over your bed? Over your baby’s crib?  The fireplace manel or entry wall? Blank walls are empty canvases to me and as you know, I so enjoy creating spaces of beauty.  So if you are searching for a bible verse or encouraging phrase, please visit our phase stencils or phrase decals and get ready to be inspired.


Please know that we can make custom phrases and bible verses.  A word from your favorite bible verse or phrase, can be placed be made larger, or in a different font, as in our For I Know Hope bible verse (above) or our This is the Day verse (below).  If you have a favorite scripture and would like us to design the scripture for you, we would LOVE to. Super beautiful, super easy at a super price. Please contact our office if you would like assistance with a specially designed scripture verse for your home, business or school.  Blessings to you!



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