Forest Friends Animal Mural Stencil Kit

I love this simple, whimsical Forest Friends Wall Mural Kit.  It reminds me of Pottery Barn styled children’s rooms which are so charming.  Transform your child’s room or nursery into an area that is delightful. Birds, foxes, turtles, mushrooms, flowers, trees, complete with a pond stocked with frogs!


The Forest Friends  animals mural stencil kit includes over 30 adhesive backed stencil designs. Each design is shown and includes dimensions.  Step by step instructions are included, making this Forest Friends mural easy to apply.  A few quality stencil brushes, foam rollers and acrylic paint are the basic supplies.  The great thing about murals is that you are free to place each bird, flower or tree where you desire.  If you child loves owls and trees, go heavy on these designs.

To prepare the backdrop, grassy hills, blue sky and water can be free handed prior to stenciling. Create your forest friends animal mural by placing each design exactly where you like.  Use your imagination with the free form placement of your designs.  It is super fun and easy to create a unique space your child is sure to love!  Stenciling is so easy that your child can actually help you paint the designs.  If you are looking for a project to do with your children, wall murals are an awesome idea.


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