Indianapolis Theme Stenciled Bookcase

Turn your flea market furniture into charming masterpieces with a stencil.  We turned a plain boring $20 bookcase into an Indianapolis theme stenciled bookcase with our WW234 Indianapolis Theme Stencil and chalk paint. If you are a DIY-er or interested in re-purposing, you know how personalizing a furniture piece adds value, interest, beauty, and in this case, […]

Upcycled DIY Clock Table

Upcycling furniture has never been easier! If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you will find using our Paris Roman clock stencil a cinch for use in upcycling furniture and stenciling on walls and floors. Step by step instructions outline our entire clock table project. Create a one of a kind, gorgeous clock table using stencils. Inexpensive, easy and charming.

Geometric Squares Stencil

Geometric shapes are all the rage!  Instead of costly wallpaper, a stencil is just the solution. Our Hip To Be Square geometric squares stencil is so simple to use and because of the large size, you can complete a wall very quickly.  The Hip to Be Square stencil can also be used on wall or floors….any surface, as long as […]

Bible Verse Scripture Stencils or Decals

Decorating my walls with bible verses is a great way to provide encouragement for myself and my family!   As I walk through my home and see various scripture, my spirit is uplifted and I am reminded of great truths.   Decals and stencils are an easy way to personalize your home with bible verses for your walls.   If you wish to […]

Scallop Monogram Wall Stencil

Decorating a nursery or child’s bedroom with monogram stencils is such a beautiful and easy way to brighten your walls.  This darling Scallop Monogram wall stencil is simple to apply and is available in a variety of sizes.   The wonderful advantage of stenciling is that you can choose the exact colors for the design. If color matching is very important […]

Outrageous Space Wall Mural Stencil Kit

Calling all astronauts and aliens!  Our Outrageous Space Wall Mural Stencil Kit contains over 30 different designs!  Fantastic designs such as planets, stars, spaceships, an astronaut, aliens and more.  All of the stencils you see below are included in the Outrageous Space Mural kit.  And all contain an adhesive on the back making it a cinch to […]

Bugs and Blossoms Wall Mural Stencil Kit

Is your child fascinated with giant flowers and insects?  Containing over 20 charming stencil designs, our Bugs and Blossoms Wall Mural Stencil Kit is sure to delight!  This kit is complete with flowers, mushrooms, tons of bugs like grasshoppers, butterflies, caterpillars, dragonflies and more!  All of the stencils contain an adhesive on the back, making it a breeze […]

Perfectly Princess Wall Mural Stencil Kit

Would your little girl love a fairy tale princess bedroom?  The Perfectly Princess Wall Mural Stencil Kit features a castle, a horse drawn carriage, butterflies, whimsical trees, flowers,birds and more. The Perfectly Princess wall mural stencil kit includes over 20 stencil designs to create a whimsical, fairy tale room for your special little one. The supplies you will need are stencil brushes, […]

Forest Friends Animal Mural Stencil Kit

I love this simple, whimsical Forest Friends Wall Mural Kit.  It reminds me of Pottery Barn styled children’s rooms which are so charming.  Transform your child’s room or nursery into an area that is delightful. Birds, foxes, turtles, mushrooms, flowers, trees, complete with a pond stocked with frogs! The Forest Friends  animals mural stencil kit includes […]