Outrageous Space Wall Mural Stencil Kit

Calling all astronauts and aliens!  Our Outrageous Space Wall Mural Stencil Kit contains over 30 different designs!  Fantastic designs such as planets, stars, spaceships, an astronaut, aliens and more.  All of the stencils you see below are included in the Outrageous Space Mural kit.  And all contain an adhesive on the back making it a cinch to position.

The dimensions of each design is included to help you decide where each element can be placed.  The only other supplies you need are a few good quality stencil brushes in different sizes, a few foam rollers and acrylic paints in the colors of your choice.


Step 1

Beginning with a clean, dry surface, free hand paint the night sky and foreground of your mural.  Use quart or gallon paints instead of the craft paints.

Step 2

Now the fun begins!  Randomly (or maybe not so randomly if you are a type A personality) apply your stencil designs to your wall.  Applying the paint is super easy.  Just load your stencil brush or roller with liquid acrylic paint.  Then offload onto a paper towel. That’s right – you take off most of the paint before you apply to your stencil.

Step 3

If you are using a stencil brush, you can tap up and down OR you can swirl your paint brush in the stencil openings.  To see a video on how to apply your paint, visit our stenciling videos. If ever you have paint that is seeping under your stencil, that is a clue that you are not offloading onto the paper towel enough. Simply remove more paint from your stencil brush or roller and then try again!  It really is so easy that even your child can help.  If your child is old enough to follow directions, then he or she can easily stencil.

You can stencil one wall, two, three or all 4 walls!  And don’t feel that you must use the exact colors that are suggested in the instructions.  If your child loves purple, silver and orange, then use these colors more liberally in the designs.  The great thing about stenciling a mural is that you get to pick which designs go where AND what colors are used!

If you are interested and would like to see additional mural stencil kits, please visit our mural stencils page.





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