Under The Sea Wall Mural Stencil Kit

Does your child adore mermaids, turtles, dolphins or anything sea related?  The Under The Sea Wall mural stencil kit has over 40 different stencil designs! The perfect way to decorate your child’s room!  This amazing kit comes complete with a variety of fish, sea plants, dolphins, seahorses, whales, turtles…even mermaids! Stencils help you to create unique and delightful spaces for your child to enjoy!


All stencils have a repositionable adhesive on the back.  Under the Sea mural stencil kit includes step by step instructions, planning ideas, paint color suggestions, individual character dimensions, and application instructions.  The awesome thing about stencils is that you can choose the colors of each of your animals and plants.  You do not have to use the colors suggested.  They are simply suggestions to get your creative juices flowing.UnderTheSeaMedia2The ocean bottom and water elements can easily be free hand painted prior to stenciling. The only other supplies you need are a few good quality stencil brushes, foam rollers and acrylic paints in the colors of your choice.  Stencil placement is the fun part of this mural design.  Make as many turtles or mermaids as you like, placing them wherever you like!  The Under the Sea mural stencil kit provides you with all the tools you need to make you look and feel like an real artist.

For other themed mural kits, please visit our mural category on www.walltowalltowallstencils.com website.  To learn how to stencil, check out our stencil videos.


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