Perfectly Princess Wall Mural Stencil Kit

Would your little girl love a fairy tale princess bedroom?  The Perfectly Princess Wall Mural Stencil Kit features a castle, a horse drawn carriage, butterflies, whimsical trees, flowers,birds and more. The Perfectly Princess wall mural stencil kit includes over 20 stencil designs to create a whimsical, fairy tale room for your special little one.


The supplies you will need are stencil brushes, a foam roller or two and acrylic paint in the colors of your choice. The stencils have adhesive on the back making it super easy to apply.  Step by step instructions are included along with a list of designs and their dimensions.


The wonderful aspect about the Perfectly Princess wall mural stencil kit is the free form aspect of stenciling a mural.  Get creative!  Maybe you’d like two castles in your kingdom or a variety of princesses.  You can even produce successive scenes that tell a story.  The possibilities are endless.

Stenciling is so easy, even a child can do it.  If you child is old enough to follow directions, they can stencil. This is a perfect project to do with your child.  Stencils make you look like you are a professional artist.

How do you apply paint to the stencil?  Just dip your stencil brush into paint, remove most of the paint on a paper towel and you are ready to stencil!  Just tap the brush in the stencil openings or swirl your brush instead.   It is THAT simple.

To see just how easy it is to stencil, please check out our how to stencil videos.

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