Todays Moments Become Tomorrows Memories Decal

Struggling to find a perfect phrase to place above your family photos wall? Today’s Moments Become Tomorrow’s Memories decal is a beautiful way to accent your family photos.  I have been searching for a thoughtful and inspiring phrase to go above my children’s photos.  I finally decided on the Today’s Moments Become Tomorrow’s decal to highlight our living room wall.  I love the way my photo wall turned out! (This phrase is also available as a Today’s Moments stencil if you prefer to paint it on instead of a decal.)

Putting a decal on your wall is super easy.

Step 1

Burnish the decal with a credit card.  Slowly remove the backing.

Step 2

Position the decal on your wall. Using a level helps to insure perfect horizontal positioning.  Smooth out the decal with your hand, then use a credit card to burnish the entire decal.  This removes air bubbles and ensures excellent contact between the decal and your wall..

Step 3

Slowly remove the top layer (looks similar to masking tape).  When you are removing the top layer, go slowly, keeping your hand and this top layer close to your surface.  That is all there is to it. Voila!  Mission accomplished!  Do you have a special occasion, an area, room or wall that could use a little personalizing?  Decals are the perfect solution because they are inexpensive, easy to apply and oh so beautiful!



Each of our decals come with two practice decals and easy step by step instructions.  We also include an applicator which is simply a blank credit card.  Any credit card will do for applying your decal.  For more detailed instructions, please watch our decal application video and visit to see our huge selection of decals as phrases, monograms, wall art, etc.  Contact us if you have any questions.

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